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Definition and development of functional barriers for the use of recycled materials in multilayer food packaging


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A Romanian company specialized in producing sorting stations and asociated subcomponents seeks partners under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

The Romanian enterprise has an extensive experience in producing sorting stations and independent machines for sorting stations. The stations are used for sorting materials such as: ballast, river rocks or crushed stones.
The continuous improvement of its products, the employees? skills and services and the customer centric aproach helped them to constantly grow their portfolio.
The SME is seeking to establish new partnerships under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Manufacturing agreement Subcontracting
Descripción completa

The Romanian company has been established in 2002 in the West Region of Romania and currently has 60 dedicated and qualified employees. The enterprise produces both sorting stations as well as independent machines for sorting stations such as: feed hoppers, vibrating sieve machines, sand blasting machines.

The company has 3 divisions and the internal capabilities include the following:

1. The mechanical processing division:
? 1 hall with the covered area of 2500 m2;
? Bride slide of 15 tons;
? Lathe;
? Milling Machines;
? Planers;
? Thooted and grinding Machines;

2. The metal fabrication division:
? 1 hall with the covered area of 1200 m2;
? Crane machine of 10 tons;
? Welding machine;
? Bending machine;
? CNC (computer numerical control) cutting machine;

3. The sanding and painting division:
? 1 hall with the covered area of 500 m2;
? Crane Machine of 5 tons;
? Blating installation
? Painting installation/machines;

The company engages its clients in the entire production process and provides the following additional services:
? Consulting- in order to choose the suitable products and the best alternative;
? Designing- the final version of the product;
? Installation, testing and commissioning;
? Assembling all the equipment;
? Providing a warranty period for 12-18 months for all equipment;
? Training sessions of the clients? personnel.

The SME works both with national and international suppliers and most of the raw materials are imported from China, Czech Republic, Republic of Serbia or Turkey.

The company can use its own materials that are meeting the quality requirements or if wanted the company can use the client?s materials.

The lead time for producing a sorting station is around 30 days and the one for producing subcomponents machines for a sorting station depends on the complexity of the products and varies between 1-3 weeks.

The company is now looking to further expand its portfolio through new long-term partnerships worldwide and therefore is envisaging to collaborate with other companies under the form of manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: ?The enterprise is looking for international companies and has no restrictions regarding the activity of the potential partners as far as their products are needed.

Partners should provide the minimum specifications of the products, such as:
? the material to be sorted and its granulometric curve;
? the production capacity;
? the required productivity (mc/h);
? the term of execution;
? the ground area allocated for the location of the sorting station.

Based on a manufacturing or a subcontracting agreement, the SME will manufacture the products and will also deliver the product certification documentation. Furthermore, partners will be provided with full assistance and support services.

Specific collaboration conditions will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

The products of the Romanian company are mainly destined for:
? construction industry;
? mining;
? metallurgy;
? recycling;
? food industry;

Advantages & innovations:

The company?s expertise relies on a considerable experience in producing sorting stations and subcomponent machineries for sorting stations.

Among the advantages of working with the Romanian enterprise are the following:
? Flexibility and desire for designing the best products and solutions for the clients;
? Qualified workforce- over 16 years in this field of expertise;
? Competitive prices: the prices are between 30% and 40% lower compared to those in other European countries;
? All stations are produced on demand so they fulfil and comply all the requirements of each client;

Development Stage:

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